A Ribbon On My Tail

By Jill on October 21st, 2010

Today I was telling another cycling-addicted co-worker about my inability to stay upright while racing, despite the fact that my only goal every race is to not fall (okay I will admit it: I have other goals too, like winning and stuff). This is her gem of a response:

“Are other riders: Starting to staying away from you? Congratulate you when you stay upright? Call you Crash? On horseback trail rides if a horse has a habit of kicking, you’re suppose to tie a ribbon on it’s tail to warn other riders. Maybe you should wear something to warn other riders that you have a problem with gravity. ”

If you see a ribbon tied to my back pocket next Sunday now you know why it’s there.

One response to “A Ribbon On My Tail”

  1. Christian says:

    I think at the moment that ribbon is a logo that reads “Green Submarine Records”. Other racers take note: We will get ahead of you, and we may fall down. That’s just how we roll… Or don’t, occasionally.

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