Pow! Pow! Points! Alpenrose!

At each race during the Cross Crusade, Green Submarine Records will be picking somebody who demonstrates unparalleled style. This week we choose this guy!

Not only did he jump the ramp every lap, but his hubs are color-coordinated to his uniform. That’s style!

For his victory, this man of bike handling and sexual tenderness wins 22oz of delicious Klamath Basin suds. Look for us at our new tent, Mr. Lover, to claim your prize.

For everyone else, keep showing your style out at the Crusade, and maybe you’ll win the weekly Pow! Pow! Points! and qualify for the Grand Pow! Pow! Prize! at the end of the season!

Stay tuned!

2 responses to “Pow! Pow! Points! Alpenrose!”

  1. Nat says:

    it’s Tony Kic! He is co-organizer of the Blind Date Series

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