Flats are for suckers (and I am apparently a sucker)

By Nat on November 14th, 2010

Ahhhhhhhhhh!  This was my race, sort of.  Today at Barton I felt soooooooooooo good.  I felt so good that I tore a hole in my beautiful rear tubular tire on lap 5 of the Men’s A race, just as I was making my big move.  I had to run run run, then decided to get a pit wheel and finish.  The pit wheel didn’t fit, my brakes were pinned against the rim, it wouldn’t shift, but I still rode the last two laps as hard as I could, and ran up the hills even harder.  After the race I realized that I also put a hole in my front tubular, so now I have two very fancy and very flat tires.  Ugh.

This was my first “mechanical” of the season.  It happens, oh well.  But damn, I was going fast, and the race was so fun!  Thanks to everyone for sticking around and cheering for me, you all make me smile a big muddy grin.  Even though the result does not reflect it properly, I was happy with the portion of my race when I was really racing.

Good job everyone!

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