Doctors Orders- Racing tips from your team “Doctor”

By sterry on September 14th, 2011

So you’re headed to Hood River this weekend for the Hood River Double Cross eh? I know what you’re thinking- Partay! Let’s go find us some flat brim hat wearing, redbull drinking, large truck driving sno-bros and gals and rock this town. You know show them that cross racers really know how to drink their local microbrews.  But the reality is that you’ve got to race two days in a row fool. What you need is sleep and lots of it. Getting proper rest will allow your body to fully recover from your workouts or races. Thus helping you be at your best on the 2nd day of racing when the rest of the field might be looking a little haggard and still tasting last nights PBR. Not only that but when you’re asleep no one can tell you that you’re slow over the barriers and you have bad handling skills. Sleep well Subs

-Doctor Dave Sherry, Doctor of Medical Medicine.

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