Blind Date at the Dairy #1

Wed, 29 Sep 2010
Photos: Nat - picasa   Christian - flickr  

Oooeee that was a lovely evening. Jill, Sandy, Shawn, Christian, John and Nat all arrived early at Alpenrose Dairy to check out the sunny course.
Sandy and Jill raced at 6pm with the light still available from planet Earth’s yellow sun. Although neither of them came from Krypton, the sun still provided extra power as the ladies flew around the course. Jill took the hole-shot but then dropped her chain, and ended up finishing a respectable 19th. Sandy finished 17th in the Beginner Women’s race.
Next up, Shawn competed in his first Men’s C race, and did a great job finishing in the top half of the field.
As the Single Speeds and Men’s B race lined up, the darkness started to set in. Christian lined up for his first voyage as a B, and he did very well, easily finishing in the top half of the field. John and Nat competed in the Single Speed category, and “Mechanical” John found a way to drop his chain multiple times, cut up his hand nicely, and still ride a strong race. Nat got boxed in at the start, but worked his way up through the race to a great 6th place finish.
Awesome course, super fans, lovely setting, and it happens again next week! And for the next three weeks after that! Yes.

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