Blind Date at the Dairy #4

Wed, 20 Oct 2010
Alpenrose Dairy • map

It was an interesting night at the dairy.

Things started off innocently enough.  The ladies took the course on the dry warm evening and flew past on their first lap.  Jill was in the Women’s B (riding John’s fancypants bike) race and Krissy in the Beginners.  Then the evening quickly turned as Krissy awkwardly walked toward the finish line holding her arm saying “my bone is sticking out!”  Yikes!!!!  She went down on a gravel corner and dislocated her elbow.  Christian then quickly whisked her away to OHSU where Krissy was pieced back together. Yay!  Good job hanging in there Krissy, and 5 bonus points to Christian for selflessly taking her to the hospital.  Jill also finished respectably in the middle of her race (4 dropped chains and how many spills?).

For a bit, no one really felt like riding fast and pushing it around corners.  With that, Chris competed in his first Blind Date race and he did a good job navigating the twilight, and having to start at the back of a very large Men’s C field.

Men’s B and Single Speed were up next.  It was completely dark out, but the moonlight and properly positioned lights around the course really made things straightforward.  Christian made it back from the hospital just in time to line up for the race.   He completed the race, although he just called it a “ride.”  You get a free pass on this one.   ;-)

John and Nat were in the single speed race that started a minute after the B’s, which meant a clusterfudge was inevitable.  Nat received a call up and started in the front row, and John lined up right behind him.  The whistle blew and the SS’ers caught up to the B’s after just a few corners and it was a big train for the first few laps.   Both guys were riding really well, and Nat was trading off at the front in the lead group for the first 4 laps.  When the dust and the dew settled, Nat finished 5th, and John finished 18th (but if you ask him, he was sitting 13th. damn crash).

Fun race, strange night, and it looks like mud next week…

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