Cross Crusade #7 – Hillsboro

Sun, 7 Nov 2010
Washington County Fair Complex • map
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(Overdue race report)

If one were to write an instructional guide on “how to get dirtier than you’ve ever been at any point in your life…” the copy would be brief, as it would simple read:  “Go race cyclocross at Washington County Fairgrounds in Hillsboro, OR.”

It was actually a pleasant day full of sun-breaks and only a 15 minute rain shower.  Regardless, riders would come through after a single lap and most looked like they had lost a mud-wrestling match to an opponent made of mud who threw mud and then dirt and water, making more mud.  Finall, this mud-monster would  toss a few blades of grass on top as a tasty garnish.  Long story short, everyone was caked in the brown goodness.

Nathan kicked off the day in the C’s by sliding and riding through the off camber section to a great mid-pack finish.  Jimmy and Chris raced next in the Master C’s and both showed off their handling prowess by riding when most people around them had to run.  Put put put go the green subs.  Jimmy had a great race, finishing 17th. Chris had a kill-stat dream day by starting at near the back of the heard around 160th place, and finished 34th.  That’s crushin’ a lot of dudes.

Our very own Sterrylizer made his first non-costumed B-race debut, only to find that his derailleur hanger couldn’t handle the manly man power of his legs slamming through the mud pits.   He snapped it right off in the middle of the race, and then enjoyed a beer as his teammates suffered.  Christian was having a great race in the points, but he too was afflicted with a mechanical when he decided to run into a pole and lodge his brake under his rim.  He fixed the problem, but lost a lot of time/places doing so.  It’s the effort that counts.  ;-)   Big-ring-John was also on the course at the same time in the Single Speed race.  No wicked air for John this week, but he did have a very solid race finishing well up into the top half of the very strong SS field.

Hannah got the hole-shot in the Women’s B race and really got off to a great start.  The mud eventually got the best of her as she went down hard on the pavement. Ouch.  She had to stop for a bit, even started leaving the course, but eventually sucked it up and rubbed some dirt on it so that she could finish the race.  Jill rode consistently and finished in 19th place, and Hannah came in right behind her at 20th.  Diana was out on the course cruising in the Women’s Beginner race, but eventually DNF’d. (What’s the story there?)

The day concluded with Nat in the Men’s A race.  He started in the back and almost got tangled up in a crash in the first fast straightaway, but somehow avoided disaster.  He then rode a very smooth race and worked up to the middle of the A’s, eventually finishing 29th.

Tony the Tiger would say that this day was “grrrrrrrreat!”

3 responses to “Cross Crusade #7 – Hillsboro”

  1. Diana says:

    I have a thing for sawdust, as soon as I rolled into that third barn, I knew a DNF was a small price to pay for a good nap in the corner upon a soft pile of wood shavings.

  2. Kristin says:

    Hello, I met a lady on the team at a cross crusade race last weekend, and I was wondering who I can talk to about joining the team, or where that information would be, I would love to find out more.

  3. Diana says:

    Hi Kristin! We’re you the Marathoner? If so, that was me! I don’t know how one joins the team, but several of us ladies are going to maintain Tabor Tuesdays throughout winter and spring, to hopefully try Short Track next spring or summer or whenever it is. We’re going to run every tuesday evening, and then when Krissy’s arm is better in January, start riding up there again. Please join us if you’d like, e-mail me at

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