Kruger’s Crossing CX

Sun, 21 Nov 2010
Kruger's Farm • map

Christian killed it!  He worked his way through the MudRainSnowSleetSlop and finished 4th in the B’s.  His best race of the year.  Jimmy also stepped up to the plate and braved the weather to have a solid race in the B’s.

Chris finished 23rd in the the tough Master’s B race.  He showed off his mad pumpkin-hopping skills.

Sandy had her race of the season in the Beginner Women’s field, finishing 16th!  Nice.  Diana also plowed through the mud with the addition of Grundelbruiser arm-warmers.  Her colorful attire definitely made her faster.  Phaedra also showed no-fear in the 36 degree slop, as she happily pedaled her way around the tough course.

Great job to everyone who raced!

3 responses to “Kruger’s Crossing CX”

  1. sandy says:

    Christian’s best performances seem to be those races he never wants to race. He was undecisive about racing Pain + Sufferin’ but ended up winning it. He didn’t even bring a bike to Kruger’s Crossing; he had to return to Portland to pick it up.

    Way to go, Christian!

    Great job Subs! Way to finish the season with a bang. My warm wishes to those who continue racing in this frigid weather!

  2. Christian says:

    Sandy. The only conclusion I can draw from this race is that you need to race more. =)

  3. sandy says:

    Things I learned from this race:
    1) When I suddenly fall/dismount, start running with the bike until I reach level ground or clearance from other riders- then remount
    2) Sometimes when the ground is really bumpy and I’m hopping all over the place, shift into a higher gear. This feels like it gives better traction and more momentum and makes me fly over those bumps. It just feels right.
    3) Decide on a line and stay on it. Don’t waver between lines. This wastes time and is probably why I can’t stay on my bike most of the time.

    There are definitely some things that I had to relearn…like dismounting. I’ve been inconsistently racing that I’ve forgotten how to do this. I’ve been commuting more, and I’m used to stopping/slowing with my right foot down.

    I got in as many laps as the leader. This has never happened before!

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